DIBS: The Diversity In Business Summit

The world is ever-changing. As such, businesses must evolve with the times. By 2045, 50.3% of the U.S. population will consist of people of color – with that number expanding when factoring in socioeconomic class, religion, sexual orientation and other under-served or marginalized groups.

As a leader at your company, you understand (perhaps better than most) that a lack of diversity is the most dangerous blindspot affecting corporate America today. With technological advances and businesses becoming more globalized, creating an organizational culture that incorporates basic human principles and fosters an exchange of ideas and perspectives is not just good for employees, it's good for business.

Our organization (DIBS) is actively looking to strengthen the presence of diversity and inclusion across all industries, providing proprietors, CEOs, and hiring managers an opportunity to better understand the various decision making habits of their consumers – inevitably increasing profits for progressive, forward-thinking businesses. But our efforts won’t reach their maximum effectiveness unless we have the backing of the entire community.

That’s why I’m writing to you. According to Forbes, 41% of companies are “too busy” to implement diversity initiatives. We’re looking to host this summit in order to change that narrative. We live in a multicultural society and that should be reflected in our workforce. Free enterprise is a privilege that should be afforded to all who seek it. We would appreciate if you could donate either your time, energy or resources to said initiative.

A partnership with DIBS demonstrates to your employees and the general public that you are committed to ending discrimination against underrepresented individuals in the workplace, sparking new conversations and thought, leading to greater awareness and clearer paths to equal opportunities for everyone.

Yours in diversity and equality,

Elgin Charles

CEO, Elgin Charles Beverly Hills