Exclusive First Look: #ByTheWay

Exclusive First Look: #ByTheWay

This is an exclusive first read of an excerpt from chapter one of Elgin Charles' official memoir, #ByTheWay.

In full transparency, I was just like any other twenty-one-year-old who was ready for the adventures of an adult life, with a little more fire beneath my wings. To say that I was young, dumb, and fearless would have been a grave understatement. I was in search of conquests both personally and professionally. Lust was all over me.

Back in San Antonio, on many occasions, my appetite was fed with small bites from girls that I had dated, but nothing had ever come from any of the encounters; at least nothing promising enough for me to consider the continuation of a relationship amidst the pursuit of my dreams. The truth is that even after eating a hearty small plate, you can still find yourself hungry a short time later. My wonder years had left me unsatisfied.  And let me tell you, I was still hungry.

Even though, my appetite for pleasure was ferocious, it would eventually pale in comparison to the dreams that I would relentlessly chase towards my destiny. All I knew was that I wanted to see my name in the Los Angeles lights! I could feel a calling on my life to be and do more but I knew that if I hadn’t ventured out, I would never get to the promised land, wherever that might have been. I was determined to do everything possible for it to manifest. Los Angeles had my name written all over it. I figured that there was enough food there to satisfy any craving or appetite that I desired.

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