Step-by-Step Hair Analysis

Step-by-Step Hair Analysis

Human hair is made of keratin, a hard protein composed of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen. Fine or limp hair contains more oxygen and hydrogen. By understanding and employing this hair-related chemistry, Elgin Charles Beverly Hills has formulated products
that enhance hair.

In order for you to effectively take care of your hair, you must be knowledgeable. Learn what type of hair you have so you can determine what products and processes are good for your hair and, therefore, keep your hair healthy.
You must determine two basic characteristics:

1) Do you have fine, medium, or coarse hair?

2) What curl pattern does your hair have, if any?

Here is Elgin’s easy step-by-step method for determining what type of hair you have:

1) Wet your Hair. Always analyze your hair while it is wet. “In its wet formation the truth will prevail” –Elgin Charles

2) You may need to pull out a strand of hair to determine its coarseness. Coarseness is basically how thick the diameter of a single strand of hair is.

Small Diameter = fine hair
Medium Diameter = medium hair
Large Diameter = coarse hair

Coarseness of hair is determined by the size of the follicle of the hair. The bigger the diameter of the opening, the more coarse the hair. Most hair textures are fine to medium. The older you get the thinner your opening in the follicle gets so your hair becomes more fine. The hair follicle opening also determines the shape of your hair. Is it round, triangle or oval?

Additionally, the rate at which hair grows out of the follicle and whether it grows evenly or
unevenly determines the natural curl pattern of your hair.

3) To determine your natural curl pattern, look closely at your hair and determine how
is it growing from the root all the way to the end. Is it wavy, curly, kinky, or straight?

4) Once you know how coarse your hair is and the natural curl pattern, apply hair care
products accordingly.

Love your hair, cherish your hair and more than anything take care of your hair.

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