Lithium Relaxer Q&A

Q. Can the Elgin Charles Lithium Relaxer be used on all different types of hair: Fine, Coarse, Extra Curly and hair that has never been chemically treated?
A. Yes. The EC Lithium Relaxer can be used on any hair that has an extensive curl pattern. This would be hair that is very curly and/or kinky. You can determine if your hair has an extensive curl pattern by following the step-by-step hair analysis process included in this website.

Q. Can I use the EC Lithium Relaxer on my own hair or do I have to go to a salon with a stylist’s?
A. You absolutely can use the EC Lithium Relaxer on your own hair in the comfort of your home. I do recommend that you follow the directions and use the Natural Cleanse to rinse the relaxer out completely.

Q. Do I need to protect my skin and scalp before applying the EC Lithium Relaxer?
A. Yes, Even though the EC Lithium Relaxer is gentle, lithium is a chemical. Please take extra precaution by wearing gloves when applying it to your hair and spread a layer of Poshtress or a protective petroleum cream on the forehead, neck, scalp and ears.

Q. Can I use the EC Lithium Relaxer on my hair that I just had permed?
A. No! A perm uses chemicals to curl your hair. If you combine the chemicals used in a perm and the chemicals in the Lithium Relaxer you can damage your hair extensively and suffer hair loss.

Q. Does the EC Lithium Relaxer straighten extremely curly and kinky hair or do I need a stronger chemical product?
A. This product is potent enough to relax any hair texture.

Q. I am Caucasian with very curly hair. Can I use this product on my hair or is it only for African American?

A. This relaxer can be used on anyone male or female any race whose hair has an unruly curl pattern, which you can determine by using my step-by-step hair analysis guide. All relaxers change the texture of your hair.

Q. I have very curly, kinky hair that’s thin and fine. Can I use the EC Lithium Relaxer?
A. Yes, follow the instructions provided with the relaxer and you will be fine.

Q. How often can I relax my hair with the EC Lithium relaxer?
A. About every six to eight weeks, which allows for hair to grow out so there is enough to touch up.

Q. How does the chemical relaxer work?
A. The chemical such as lithium, break down the bonds in the hair shaft. The more bonds you break, the straighter the hair will become.

Q. Do I need to use the EC Relaxer differently if my hair is fine than somebody who has coarse hair?
A. Yes, How long you leave the relaxer in your hair depends on your hairs coarseness and curl pattern and how straight you want your hair to be. If you have fine hair you only want to relax the hair to soften it and make it manageable. After applying the relaxer, when your hair looks shiny, wet and the wave is not longer there, it is time to rinse. Please do not leave the relaxer on your hair longer than 25 minutes.

Q. Does the EC Relaxer really promote hair growth?
A. Hair Growth is promoted through blood circulation. Since the relaxer doesn’t damage the hair follicle, your hair has the ability to continue to grow.

Q. Can I use the relaxer on my hair if it has been colored, or if I have had henna or cellophane added? Can I color my hair after it has been relaxed?
A. Yes, you may use the relaxer if you have had cellophane or semi-permanent color added. You may use the relaxer on permanent hair color only if it is a touch up. If you are double processing your hair, meaning you have just applied permanent color and are getting your hair relaxed for the first time, seek out a professional. Also, do not relax and permanently color your hair at the same time. Never double process your hair yourself.

Q. Will the relaxer take away the frizz that I have when I use it to straighten my hair, or do I need another EC product for the frizz?
A. The Lithium Relaxer will help to fight frizz but I recommend you use Poshtress or Luminous, to combat the frizzies on a regular basis.

Q. Can I use the Lithium Relaxer even if my hair is really curly and damaged from using heat appliances to straighten it all the time?
A. I suggest you first determine the texture of your hair when its wet so that you know what areas of your hair are truly damaged. Then condition all your hair paying special attention to the damaged sections. After you have conditioned your hair and see that it is healthy again, go ahead and use the Lithium Relaxer and enjoy the unbelievable results.

Q. Can I use the Lithium Relaxer on my child’s hair?
A. I think if a child is older than six you can straighten his or her hair with the relaxer. However it is important that you protect your child’s hair and scalp by applying Assurance Base Cream before you use the relaxer.

Q. Can I still use a hot comb or flat iron on my hair if it has been relaxed? Will I need to?
A. I recommend using the EC Stealth Ceramic Flat Iron with relaxed hair because it is designed to work with chemically treated hair. The even temperature means there are no hot spots that can damage the hair shaft. Pressing combs may be used, but are not recommended because they can damage the hair if the comb is too hot. It is important to understand that the line of demarcation on your hair-where the new growth and processed hair meet-is very fragile and must be cared for gently.

Just view the video above (featuring Elgin and Jackée!) for Elgin’s hints & tips on how his unique and gentle Lithium Relaxer can make you look FABULOUS.